Why should we invest our money in experiences, not in things?

by Vilislav

Everyone works to make money. Nobody goes to work just because they love their profession, no matter what it is. Some work to pay their bills, some work to pay off the loan for their long-awaited and dreamed new home, while others work to make money and pursue bigger goals. No matter the reason, the goal is money. But after working so hard, do you figure out how and what you spend the rest of your paycheck after you cover your expenses? The truth is you probably don’t remember, you just know the money’s gone.

According to science, we spend the most money on what makes us happy. Bearing in mind that happiness is quite a relative thing – for me it is one thing, for you – quite another, I will make it shorter for you. We spend most of the money on things, in most cases clothes or techs. That’s right, because we think the happiness of our new stuffs will last as long as the item benefits us, but unfortunately it’s far from the reality. Happiness fades quickly. Wondering why? Because you get used to the new acquisitions and you want newer and better ones.

For my small life experience, I can say that experiences, no matter how short they may be, bring you much longer-lasting emotions and memories. I still remember the feeling when I went to the cinema for the first time in my life, or the happiness of flying with airplane for the first time ever, alone. Yes, these are things that happened to me more than 15 years ago, but I still remember how I felt. I do not remember what I was wearing, nor how much money these “emotions” costed me, but it is a fact that I remember them.

Each experience becomes a part of ourselves and changes or upgrades us in some way. You are a reflection of the things you do and the places you have been to. Buying a new iPhone will not change you as a person, but taking a long break from everything and everyone, taking your suitcase and spending two or even one week anywhere else on the planet will certainly change you. Without feeling you will upgrade yourself, expand your worldview and enrich your mind.

Our experiences are part of us, while our material benefits are not. Yes, you may love your new clothes that you just bought from the mall, you may even think they express yourself because you have a taste of your own, but they are not part of you. These are objects. While the emotions of the experiences are inside you, which makes them part of you.

In fact, any experience, whether it is a trip or something new that you want to try, is short as time, it does not last forever. But it does bring you excitement and enjoyment from the moment you start planning it to its very end, when all you have left are the memories and the emotions you have experienced. It is these memories that last forever.

Have you ever bought something that actually turned out to be not as good as you expected? And it just stands and collects the dust at home, reminding you of the disappointment with the money you spent. With the experiences it’s not like that. At least the fact that these moments are short, makes us appreciate them so much, and even makes them priceless over time. The happiness is that this moment has happened, it existed and we have experienced it, and now we keep the memory of this emotion.

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